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UniEnergy Technologies (UET) produces and delivers megawatt scale, energy storage solutions for utility, commercial and industrial, and microgrid customers. We're at the cutting edge of smart energy management enabling customers to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and provide more clean energy. The core patented technology is an advanced vanadium flow battery, with a new generation electrolyte first developed and patented at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory with the support of the US DOE Office of Electricity. UET's solution is differentiated by the industry leading footprint density, broad ambient temperature stability, and is 100% recyclable. The water based technology is inherently safe, operationally flexible, reliable, non-degrading, and economically compelling.

The ReFlex is the largest deployed vanadium flow battery in North America and Europe that supports demand response, peak shaving, renewable generation integration, ramping, frequency and voltage regulation. UET operates a 60,000 square foot engineering & manufacturing facility scaling up to produce 100 megawatts annually.


UET is a drug free workplace