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Chris Villani

Chief Counsel


Chris joined UET’s executive team in 2017 and brings with him a unique set of skills of tremendous value to our fast-paced cleantech company. With degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Law, and Finance, Chris is an entrepreneur, an inventor and a pilot, with expertise in growth companies, corporate governance, business strategy, intellectual property and fundraising.passport1

Chris earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington in 1983.  The next five years saw him working in a variety of industry sectors including: precision electronic instrumentation manufacturing and design, flight test operations at Boeing, and vibration data acquisition and analysis for the U.S. Navy.  After graduating the University of Oregon law school in 1991, he entered private practice with an intellectual property law firm in Bellevue, WA.  A client, for whom Chris was preparing patent applications and contributing technical input, recruited Chris to co-found an avionics hardware and software startup in 1993, after he became a co-inventor on the technology.  Throughout the balance of the 90’s, he worked for a series of telecom startups as legal counsel covering business transactions, VC and public finance, and corporate governance responsibilities; and management roles spanning R&D, engineering field services, finance, and non-profit executive management.  In 2001 he was recruited by the Boeing law department to be a member of the Boeing Ventures management team, which was Boeing’s in-house startup incubator.  In 2004 he re-entered private practice as a solo practice attorney and management consultant specializing in advising startups and early stage ventures, and serving in various pro tem executive roles.  During this latter period, he had been scratching an intellectual itch which resulted in a M.S. Finance degree from Seattle University.  Chris is also a commercial pilot.