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Rick Winter

President & Chief Executive Officer

Photo Winter preferredRick Winter earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Queensland, Australia, and has 25 years’ experience innovating and implementing grid storage technologies. He has been a driving force in the transition of the grid storage industry from its early stages, to the strategic imperative for grid flexibility and stability it is today. During this time, he has helped build the US Electricity Storage Association from its inception in 1991, serving twice as chairman and as a board member for 18 years. In 2011, Rick was awarded the Phil Symons award for his “instrumental role in the evolution of storage technologies in both the utility and battery manufacturing industries”.

Mr. Winter’s background ranges from managing the storage technologies program at Pacific Gas & Electric, America’s largest investor-owned utility, to deploying remote area hybrid power systems in Australia’s Torres Strait. He has led product development at four advanced battery companies, in the process creating the world’s first flow battery product by leveraging advanced zinc-bromide technology from Austria (the 100kW/100kWh PowerBlock), and leading development of iron-chromium batteries for cell towers in India. Rick invented the single loop flow battery in his garage (Pat#8039161), going on to found Primus Power and raise $30M in capital. He holds 17 US patents and numerous abroad with a further 10 US patents pending. With a focus on productization, Mr. Winter has strong hands-on experience evaluating grid impacts of distributed generation systems including batteries, flywheels, microturbines, photovoltaics and diesel generators.

Rick is now President and Chief Operating Officer at UniEnergy Technologies (UET), a compact vanadium flow battery company bringing together a multinational supply chain of commodity components and materials; volume production; and next generation electrochemistry invented at PNNL with DOE funding. UET’s focus is to commercialize its cycle and temperature-agnostic containerized storage solution. With more than two years of field performance, UET's MW-scale product is the largest containerized flow battery available.