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UET and ENGIE commission first UET Reflex Module

UET and ENGIE announce today they have successfully achieved the commissioning of the first UET Reflex™ Module at the Batteries lab of ENGIE Research Centre Laborelec, located near Brussels. The Reflex™ Module is a small 7.5 kW – 30 kWh redox flow battery of the 4th generation, storing electricity in a vanadium mixed acid electrolyte, and is a modular evolution of the well proved UET redox flow technology, especially suited for installation inside buildings. The battery will be thoroughly tested for performance and operability, prior to its installation in a commercial environment.
“ENGIE strongly believes that redox flow batteries will become an interesting alternative to Lithium ion and lead acid based battery technologies for certain stationary energy applications, offering ancillary services to the grid for example, and will contribute to the transition to a zero carbon economy.”, says Luc Goossens CTO from ENGIE RESEARCH “The installation and testing of this UET Reflex module will enable ENGIE to benchmark Vanadium redox flow batteries against other technologies, fully understand their behaviour, optimise the operational procedures. The long term follow-up of the performance will be realized through ENGIE Laborelec’s proprietary monitoring platform Monica.” 

“UET has developed a compelling value proposition with the UET Reflex™ Module, a battery that is intrinsically safe, recyclable and scalable. Applications ranging from a few kilowatts to hundreds of megawatts make this battery eminently suited to play a very significant role in the energy transition in Europe” says Dr Ir Roelof Platenkamp, Board member of UET with focus on European developments. “The 20+ year lifetime and zero capacity fading make the Reflex Module highly competitive on the basis of total cost of ownership in a market that up to now has been dominated by Lithium ion. We are proud to cooperate with ENGIE and look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.”
ENGIELaborelec UET Reflex Module