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ReFlex™ modular architecture delivers the full range of power and energy required to serve commercial and industrial customers, support smart grids and microgrids, integrate renewables, and meet utility needs. Its compact footprint, broad operating temperature, and conformance to existing and emerging standards enable safe and reliable deployment for diverse applications and facilities.

  • Zero Degradation
  • Unlimited Cycles
  • No Thermal Runaway
  • Non-Flammable Eletrolyte
  • Shipped Charged
  • Flexible Dispatch
  • Full Depth of Discharge
  • 20+ Year Life time
  • Highly Recyclable
Duration Power Energy Effciency
2 Hour 14kW 28kWh 75%
4 Hour 9.5kw 38kWh 80%
6 Hour 7kW 42kWh 82%
8 Hour 5.5kW 44kWh 84%






Voltage 42-67V (48V nominal)
Current 360 A 
Series Connection Up to 22 modules (1500V)

0.9m W * 1.8m D * 2.1m H

36'' W * 72'' D * 83'' H

Weight 3,000kg (6,600lbs)
Ambient Operating Temp 0℃ TO 45℃ (32°F to 113°F)
Storage Temp -15℃ to 55℃ (SOC=50%)
Enclosure IP 20 (NEMA 1)
Self Discharge Rate OFF=0%, ON=0.1%/hour
Short Circuit Current 3kA Maximum
Communications Modbus TCP
Auxiliary Supply Input

100-240 VAC 1ϕ,50/60Hz

OFF=20W,Typical=300W, Max=500W